Dojo Etiquette
Ikeda Sensei
1.The dojo is a place of peace, concentration and discipline. The behavior at the dojo must therefore always be adapted to the creation of this atmosphere.


2.The word of the  teacher is for everyone.


3.Shoes are to be removed before entering the Dojo and mobile phones are switched off. Before  entering the Tatami (mat area) make sure feet are clean.


4.When entering the dojo or the Tatami (mat area) a bow is made in the direction of the Shomen (where the picture of the founder O'Sensei is placed). If the training has already started  wait for the teachers  permission before stepping onto the tatamis, during the training the mats may only be left with the permission of the teacher. 


5.During the training talking is to be kept to a minimum.


6.The Aikido-Gi  (training suit) is  to be clean and finger and toenails are to be kept short to avoid scratching and cutting.


7.In the handling of the training partner, fairness and consideration are of supreme importance. 


8.During the work on the tatami personal friendships or antipathies are not considered relevant.


9.In the training, the attitude toward each person on the tatami is to be equal, neutral, polite and obliging.  When changing training partners first bow to the previos partner and then to the new partner before proceeding with training.


10.The goal of the Aikidoka (person practicing Aikido) is to be helpful, friendly and courteous.


11.Guests and spectators, who do not participate in the training  are welcome to watch, avoid behaviour which disturbs the class and those involved.


12.The teacher is available after the conclusion of the lesson to answer all questions.


13.After the end of the training session, the students leave the tatamis after the teacher has left the tatamis.


14.After each training session the tatamis are to be swept.